Coastal Luxe Style Guide

The Outdoors

From family get-togethers to parties with friends, outdoor living is an important part of Australian culture – particularly for those among us who are fortunate enough to live on the Sunshine Coast. However, without a suitable space to entertain, inviting guests over can be somewhat challenging.

Fortunately, coastal luxe style homes are made for entertaining; whether you have a large open backyard or a smaller patio space, creating an idyllic outdoor area can completely change the way you think about hosting. Wouldn’t you love to enjoy those warm summer nights in a beautiful space of your own? Continue reading to learn how to turn your backyard into a dreamy coastal luxe outdoor retreat.

Outdoor furniture

The first thing your guests will notice as they enter your coastal inspired outdoor living area is your furniture. It’s important that it makes a strong statement. For a truly beachy look, you can’t go past beautiful whitewashed wicker lounge furniture with plenty of weather-resistant cushions. If you have the space, you may even want to add an outdoor dining set for those extra special occasions.

Feature lighting

When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor living space, lighting can play a key role in the overall ambience. If you intend on using your outdoor living space in the evenings as well as the daytime, be sure to add some feature lighting like lanterns and pendant lights.


To create a true coastal luxe style outdoor area, greenery is a must. However, how much will of course depend on the amount of space you have available. If you only have a small area to work with, consider investing in some elegant potted plants to add a splash of colour. If you have a larger backyard, create a coastal inspired garden by planting plenty of lush greenery and tropical plants.

Poolside living

If your backyard features a swimming pool, you’re in serious luck, as nothing says ‘coastal retreat’ like lounging around by your own pool. Finish off the look by investing in some timber poolside furniture in a crisp, classic white. Add in some potted plants and for something truly sophisticated, consider surrounding the pool area in durable glass fencing.


Designed & styled by Simone Barter Design Studio

Photographed by Rikki Lancaster


Coastal Luxe Style Guide

The Bedroom

With soft, soothing tones and a variety of contrasting textures, the coastal luxe look lends itself particularly well to bedroom styling. The style provides a vast range of key styling techniques which will allow you to create a dreamy space in which to begin and end each day.

Comprising of a feature bedhead and lush textiles — coastal luxe styled bedrooms are designed with the intention of creating a comforting atmosphere and establishing a peaceful environment in which one can instantly unwind. Continuing with the gentle, neutral hues, the best coastal luxe bedrooms feature a range of decor and styling pieces which make the space easy to customise. Follow the points below to personalise your bedroom whilst keeping to the traditional coastal look.

Featured fabrics

As the largest piece of furniture in the room, your bed will undeniably be the main focal point and will set the style for the rest of your space. As such, it’s essential that you choose a bedhead, euro size and feature fabric cushions that will be the centrepiece of your bedroom. Colours like grey and cream tend to work best, but for something more bold, an elegant navy blue can also be an excellent choice.

Luxe linen

Nothing says coastal luxe quite like a luxurious set of sheets and decadently layered linens. Let the high thread count do all the talking, whilst keeping patterns to a minimum. For the main sheets, stick to classic crisp whites — then layer up with beautiful blankets, cushions and throws in a variety of colours to compliment the rest of the bedroom styling.

Mood lighting

If you’re looking to set a relaxing mood, make sure you pay attention to all of your light fittings and fixtures. Again, layering is key here, as too-harsh overhead lighting can really affect the ambiance of the space. Instead, try to include a range of lighting options from bedside table lamps, pendant lighting, standing lamps, even some featured wall lighting.

Remember your guests

As with all home styling, it’s vital that you keep your guests top of mind. Spend some time thinking about who will be staying in the room and consider their individual wants and needs. For the master bedroom, perhaps you’ll require additional storage space, a reading light or even a full-length mirror. However, for a child’s bedroom,  you may wish to incorporate more of a fun-loving vibe and include some free space for play.

Artwork and decor

In terms of coastal style artwork and decor, the options are endless, but it’s important to remember that less is more. Choose pieces that follow the coastal style theme and include pops of colour in line with your chosen palette. Try not to over think it, the most beautifully styled bedrooms always include a perfectly balanced amount of empty space.


Designed & styled by Simone Barter Design Studio

Photographed by Rikki Lancaster


Coastal Luxe Style Guide

The Bathroom

No longer seen as simply a functional space, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It has the capacity to set the tone for the rest of the property while simultaneously adding value.

Coastal luxe inspired bathrooms tend to encompass the same sophisticated decor and soft, airy colour palette as the rest of the home. They are often viewed as a peaceful oasis in which one can retreat and relax after a
long day. Calming, tranquil and utterly serene, coastal luxe style bathrooms feature a spa-like feel which can be deceivingly easy to replicate. Consider the following elements to create a beautiful coastal luxe inspired bathroom of your own.

Luxe finishes

As with all home styling, the devil is in the detail – and this couldn’t be more true for coastal style homes. While other rooms of the home may enjoy
a more weathered, relaxed look, the bathroom calls for textured surfaces. When selecting tiles, splashbacks and vanity tops, try to keep to your colour palette minimal. Try to use whites, greys, blacks and muted tones or branch out by selecting a special feature tile.

Window treatments

Natural lighting is a key component of a coastal luxe style bathroom, therefore it is important to install window treatments that accommodate as much natural light as possible. For something truly timeless, there is nothing more elegant than timber louvers. Or, for a low maintenance yet equally as stylish look, frosted glass will give you the privacy you need while allowing ample natural light and retaining your classic, coastal luxe home.

Tranquil bath time

If the size of your space permits, a beautiful and tranquil bath will bring this space to life. As a true feature of a bathroom, a stunning bath area will be the first thing that will be noticed. Add feature tiles, hanging plants, featured mirrors and beautiful skin care products to help reinforce that coastal luxe atmosphere.

Feature tapware

As we previously advised, your tapware must be a feature of your coastal luxe bathroom design. Attention to detail must be considered not only for the master bathroom and ensuite but even in the powder room. Consider colours and move away from chrome. Attention must be given to the placement of your taps, shower rails, handles, towel rails and hooks, as it all plays a massive part of your overall look.


Designed & styled by Simone Barter Design Studio

Photographed by Rikki Lancaster


Coastal Luxe Style Guide

The Kitchen

Often thought of as the most important room in the home, the kitchen tends to be the place where families and guests congregate most. Being the central hub of the home, it is important that the style flows through the property accordingly.

Coastal luxe inspired kitchens have a distinctly recognisable look and in most cases are just as functional as they are stylish. As coastal style homes are frequently used for entertaining, it is essential for the host to be able to prepare delicious meals while simultaneously tending to the needs of their guests.

Read on for the best tips on how to turn your kitchen into an elegant yet practical space to host unforgettable parties or to simply prepare a beautiful meal for loved ones.

Open plan living

One of the fundamental features of coastal luxe style kitchens is the open plan design of the space. Commonly, coastal luxe inspired kitchens feature spacious floor plans with the addition of an island bench top which can be used as a breakfast bar. If you are renovating an existing home, you may be slightly limited as to what you can achieve, however it can be helpful to bear this in mind.

Custom design

The key elements of a coastal luxe kitchen design include: the use of white, stone bench tops, feature tiled splash backs, open shelves, and a butler’s pantry. This look is all about designing the kitchen correctly to allow all of the ‘day to day’ items to be tucked away in the butler’s pantry so your kitchen space always looks clean and clutter free. Design is the most important element to achieving this look.

Beautiful benchtops

When it comes to benchtops, there are a wide variety of materials that work well for coastal luxe style homes, however none are more popular or better suited than the classic marble counter top. For something more minimal, a simple white benchtop will do, or for something more rustic, try a timber benchtop with a rich grain.

Pendant lighting

Given the high ceilings of traditional coastal homes, pendant lighting
has become a staple for coastal luxe inspired kitchens with decorative low-hanging lights often placed above the island bench top.

No more chrome

Along with bathrooms, the coastal luxe look is all about adding your tapware as a featured element. Think black, white, brushed brass or even a tropical green. Traditionally when choosing tapware, all of the fixtures had to be the same colour throughout our home, but not anymore. Mix your tapware colours to suit your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and ensuite design.

Timber flooring

With so much white featuring in your coastal luxe inspired kitchen, it’s a great idea to add some contrast by installing some beautiful timber flooring. Not only do timber floors add warmth to the space, but they can also be continued into other living areas for a seamless, blended look.


Designed & styled by Simone Barter Design Studio

Photographed by Rikki Lancaster


Coastal Luxe Style Guide

Living & Dining

A space to connect with family and friends, your living and dining area should be warm, welcoming and inviting. That doesn’t mean that the room can’t also encompass a modern coastal luxe inspired look. Those lucky enough to live in an oceanfront property should strive to make sure their living and dining areas take full advantage of the breathtaking beach views while offering a comfortable and liveable environment to sit back and relax.

With a number of fundamental design elements derived from some of the finest seaside properties in the world, the coastal style can help to highlight and accentuate any existing beach views, in turn, driving up the value of your home. Here are some things to consider when planning your coastal luxe style living and dining room.

Open space

Ideally, the floor plan of your living and dining area should be set out in a way that offers a clear line of sight and an obvious pathway to move around the room. Given that it is intended to be a multi-purpose space, the layout should be designed in a way that flows freely from one area to another.

Relaxed furniture

Essential to any true coastal luxe styled living area is a variety of stylish homewares, comfortable sofas and occasional chairs. Most commonly, colours are muted greys, greens and blues with an added texture of tan leather. Extra furnishings like coffee tables, sideboards and dining tables tend to be made of organic oak timbers to add a touch of earthiness.

Styling & decor

As one of the featured areas of the home, the living and dining areas offer ample opportunity for styling and homeowners can really have fun decorating the space. Think beautiful ceramic vases with potted tropical indoor plants, a tasteful mix of light fittings and lamps and an assortment of textured timber pieces. Unique wall art, handmade ceramics and styled bar carts help tie the space together.

Window treatments

As previously mentioned, the goal of a coastal luxe living and dining area is to make the most of a beautiful ocean view, so the window treatments used are highly essential to completing the overall look. For a simple yet elegant look, sheer white curtains that can be drawn to either side will permit you the best view from your beach front home. However, for those who seek more privacy, plantation shutters in a crisp shade of white look superb from inside and out and will help continue your coastal luxe theme.


The modern take on the coastal luxe living space should be the mixture of fabrics, layering of textures and one stunning, bold statement.

Contrasting textures

As for cushions, throws and rugs, coastal luxe inspired styling is achieved through the use of a range of contrasting materials and textures. Consider investing in some high-quality rugs and of course, no coastal home is complete without a wide selection of cushions and throws.


Designed & styled by Simone Barter Design Studio

Photographed by Rikki Lancaster