If you’re seeking to infuse your living and dining spaces with coastal luxe style, consider incorporating elements inspired by beach house decor and nautical home decor.

Myrtle Beach interior designers can offer valuable insights into creating light and airy interiors reminiscent of oceanfront living. Opt for woven furniture and a coastal color palette to evoke a sense of relaxation and chic coastal charm in your home.

Coastal Luxe Style Guide

1. Living & Dining

A space to connect with family and friends, your living and dining area should be warm, welcoming, and inviting. That doesn’t mean that the room can’t also encompass a modern coastal luxe-inspired look. Those lucky enough to live in an oceanfront property should strive to make sure their living and dining areas take full advantage of the breathtaking beach views while offering a comfortable and liveable environment to sit back and relax.

Coastal Luxe Living & Dining: Expert Style Guide and Tips

With several fundamental design elements derived from some of the finest seaside properties in the world, the coastal style can help to highlight and accentuate any existing beach views, in turn, driving up the value of your home. Here are some things to consider when planning your coastal luxe-style living and dining room.

2. Open space

Ideally, the floor plan of your living and dining area should be set out in a way that offers a clear line of sight and an obvious pathway to move around the room. Given that it is intended to be a multi-purpose space, the layout should be designed in a way that flows freely from one area to another.

Looking to infuse your living and dining spaces with Coastal Luxe style? Embrace natural textures and breezy interiors to create a beach luxury atmosphere. Opt for blue and white decor to evoke seascape views and incorporate outdoor living spaces with patio furniture for entertaining.

Whether it’s beach luxury restaurants or a beach luxury dinner buffet, let Australia’s coastal living inspiration guide your luxury sofa design choices for a sophisticated coastal retreat.

3. Relaxed furniture

Essential to any true coastal luxe-styled living area is a variety of stylish homewares, comfortable sofas, and occasional chairs. Most commonly, colors are muted greys, greens, and blues with an added texture of tan leather. Extra furnishings like coffee tables, sideboards, and dining tables tend to be made of organic oak timbers to add a touch of earthiness.

Coastal Luxe Living & Dining: Expert Style Guide and Tips

4. Styling & decor

As one of the featured areas of the home, the living and dining areas offer ample opportunity for styling and homeowners can have fun decorating the space. Think beautiful ceramic vases with potted tropical indoor plants, a tasteful mix of light fittings and lamps, and an assortment of textured timber pieces. Unique wall art, handmade ceramics, and styled bar carts help tie the space together.

5. Window treatments

As previously mentioned, the goal of a coastal luxe living and dining area is to make the most of a beautiful ocean view, so the window treatments used are highly essential to completing the overall look. For a simple yet elegant look, sheer white curtains that can be drawn to either side will permit you the best view from your beachfront home. However, for those who seek more privacy, plantation shutters in a crisp shade of white looks superb from inside and out and will help continue your coastal luxe theme.

The modern take on the coastal luxe living space should be a mixture of fabrics, layering of textures, and one stunning, bold statement.

6. Contrasting textures

As for cushions, throws, and rugs, coastal luxe-inspired styling is achieved through the use of a range of contrasting materials and textures. Consider investing in some high-quality rugs and of course, no coastal home is complete without a wide selection of cushions and throws.

Designed & styled by Simone Barter Design Studio

Photographed by Rikki Lancaster