Coastal Luxe Style Guide

The Bathroom

No longer seen as simply a functional space, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It has the capacity to set the tone for the rest of the property while simultaneously adding value.

Coastal luxe inspired bathrooms tend to encompass the same sophisticated decor and soft, airy colour palette as the rest of the home. They are often viewed as a peaceful oasis in which one can retreat and relax after a
long day. Calming, tranquil and utterly serene, coastal luxe style bathrooms feature a spa-like feel which can be deceivingly easy to replicate. Consider the following elements to create a beautiful coastal luxe inspired bathroom of your own.

Luxe finishes

As with all home styling, the devil is in the detail – and this couldn’t be more true for coastal style homes. While other rooms of the home may enjoy
a more weathered, relaxed look, the bathroom calls for textured surfaces. When selecting tiles, splashbacks and vanity tops, try to keep to your colour palette minimal. Try to use whites, greys, blacks and muted tones or branch out by selecting a special feature tile.

Window treatments

Natural lighting is a key component of a coastal luxe style bathroom, therefore it is important to install window treatments that accommodate as much natural light as possible. For something truly timeless, there is nothing more elegant than timber louvers. Or, for a low maintenance yet equally as stylish look, frosted glass will give you the privacy you need while allowing ample natural light and retaining your classic, coastal luxe home.

Tranquil bath time

If the size of your space permits, a beautiful and tranquil bath will bring this space to life. As a true feature of a bathroom, a stunning bath area will be the first thing that will be noticed. Add feature tiles, hanging plants, featured mirrors and beautiful skin care products to help reinforce that coastal luxe atmosphere.

Feature tapware

As we previously advised, your tapware must be a feature of your coastal luxe bathroom design. Attention to detail must be considered not only for the master bathroom and ensuite but even in the powder room. Consider colours and move away from chrome. Attention must be given to the placement of your taps, shower rails, handles, towel rails and hooks, as it all plays a massive part of your overall look.


Designed & styled by Simone Barter Design Studio

Photographed by Rikki Lancaster