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Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to become an agent at Reed & Co.?

I’ve always had a passion for creating connections with people, and in 2021 I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to turn this passion into a career when I was invited join the Reed & Co. team as a licensed real estate agent for Team Hodgkinson.


What does your professional journey look like so far, and how did this journey bring you to Noosa?

Prior to joining Reed & Co., I had already been working closely with the team through my law firm, Young & Co Law, which specialises in all aspects of property law, contract law and conveyancing. My background in property law has provided me with years of experience in building relationships with both clients and agents alike, which developed into a strong desire to translate my experience and skills into a rewarding real estate career.

I am originally from the Yarra Valley in Country Victoria, before relocating to Noosa over 12 years ago. I fell in love with everything about Noosa, from the wonderful people to its’ relaxed lifestyle; it truly is one of the most beautiful places in Australia. I feel lucky to call this place home now, raising a family on two picturesque acres in the Noosa Hinterland.


What are your personal interests/commitments and how are they met within the Noosa Community?

A big drawcard to the Noosa lifestyle is the work/life balance it presents simply by taking advantage of everything the area has to offer. I love sports and the outdoors, so when I’m not managing the law firm or selling property, you’ll often find me walking the Noosa National Park and enjoying the beautiful beaches. I am also heavily involved in the local sporting community, playing both netball and football for Noosa Tigers Women’s teams and regularly assisting with the kids ‘Auskisk’ soccer program.

My commitment to the Noosa community and my involvement in local sports play a fundamental role in my real estate career. The networking and connections made within the community are an imperative part of building and maintaining client relationships, and something that Mark and myself, as a team, are constantly striving to achieve.


Tell us about your individual approach as an agent, and the personal qualities which help you achieve this?

I thrive on the social interactions that come with this line of work, and I genuinely enjoy establishing meaningful relationships with my clients. I am professional as well as approachable, and I make people feel comfortable with my down to earth, yet bubbly demeanour.

My long-standing commitment and involvement in the local community has seen me gain extensive local knowledge and insight into the local market. This, coupled with my background in property law, has given me the necessary skill set to assist in all aspects of buying and selling property in Noosa; from helping clients achieve the best results when selling their property, to guiding them through the process of purchasing their dream home.


What does your team look like at Reed & Co?

With Mark as our Lead Agent, I am his Co-Listing agent. My role each day is varied, from photo shoots and styling, appraisals, prospecting, auction preparation and attendance, and open homes. I am loving the diversity and range of tasks.

Our team has recently grown with the addition of our executive assistant, Maddie. Maddie brings a range of skills to the table and has taken on all our administrative tasks to help alleviate the work for Mark and myself. We are thrilled to have Maddie on board and look forward to watching her grow within our team.

Licensed Estate Agent

Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to become an agent at Reed & Co.?

My wife, Kate Cox, and I moved to Noosa 17 years ago after Kate was offered a position within a local agency. I chose to join her as we were living together at the time, and life has only got better since. We’ve recently moved to Noosaville after spending several years residing on Noosa Hill and in Noosa Sound, immersed in the buzz of tourist activity and the enjoyment they get from visiting the area.

I’d spent 25 years working in the wine industry, until four years ago when I made the decision to ‘retire’ from the industry and join Kate in real estate. We now work together to form a part of Team Cox at Reed & Co. Estate Agents.


What does your professional journey look like so far, and how did this journey bring you to Noosa?

After 25 years working across various areas including restaurants, cellar door, wine wholesale, retail, and events, making the move across to real estate was a change to something very different. I had already obtained a Business Degree, majoring in Finance and Marketing, as well as a range of financial qualifications which I’m able to apply to the new role.

Relocating to Noosa was initially a career move, however we quickly fell in love with all that Noosa represents; the perfect blend of sophistication and nature wrapped up in what really is quite a small country town. I like the fact that many of the people who live here have made a conscious decision to relocate and genuinely love the lifestyle.


What are your personal interests/commitments and how are they met within the Noosa Community?

I have a keen interest in financial markets and remain an active student of them. I enjoy golf and there are plenty of course options on the Coast, however I don’t get out as frequently as I’d like. I love a swim in the ocean, and the Noosa weather allows for this any time of the year!

I am an active member of Marcoola Surf Lifesaving Club and patrol during the summer months. Spending time on the beach, with the ocean as your office, is a great way to clear the mind. It’s also nice to engage with people visiting from different areas, and it’s amazing to see the absolute fearless nature of the young nippers, and the confidence it instils in the next generation.

There’s an immediate connection to nature in Noosa, which facilitates a more balanced lifestyle with an emphasis on relaxation. Compared to how frantic our major cities have become, the pace of Noosa is very favourable, but still only a short plane ride to Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide, or a quick drive to Brisbane if you’re in need of a ‘city fix’.


Tell us about your individual approach as an agent, and the personal qualities which help you achieve this?

I would like to think one of my special skills as an agent is my ability to really listen to the client and their needs and, in turn, find them the right property. I like to find the key motivation, or emotional link, of a buyer and look for suitable properties based on this. It’s important to ask the right questions; to understand their household structure and what amenities are important to them. It’s about clarifying what are the non-negotiables and presenting solutions which satisfy those criteria.

I feel honesty is another key ingredient. By providing a potential purchaser with all the available facts, you enable them to make an informed decision based on their own individual requirements.

Having lived amongst the hustle and bustle of Noosa Heads for many years, we have gained extensive knowledge of our key sales area and the lifestyle it presents. We know the different pockets in the area and what they bring to the table, and we base our marketing approach on living a lifestyle which encompasses each of the different aspects that Noosa has to offer.


What does your team look like at Reed & Co?

Our team is made up of Kate, Erin, and myself, and each of us have differing strengths and backgrounds which tend to work to negate our weaknesses.

Kate is our lead agent who liaises with vendors and negotiates the deal at the critical moments. I work more on the buyers; to get an understanding of where they are at and what they are seeking, whilst Erin focuses more on the administrative side and preparing each property to go to market, including working with photographers, stylists, and tradespeople.

All three of us are mature and have quite strong personalities so we have an effective exchange of ideas. We’ve all got backgrounds in other fields prior to real estate, so often we’ll offer solutions and insights to our team operation that may be a little outside the norm. The key element to our success as a team is that we are cohesive and tight knit, and combined we offer over 25 years of real estate experience, but three lifetimes in roles which focus on direct people engagement and customer service, ranging from hospitality to media to airlines.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to become an agent at Reed & Co.?

I came up to Noosa from Brisbane over thirty years ago and I’ve never looked back. I spent the first couple of years living in Noosaville, before purchasing a property in Sunrise Beach, where I have now lived for 28 years. I love living near the beach and I never tire of running through the Noosa National Park. Like many of the people I meet in Noosa, I’m a very chilled out, easy going person so the relaxed Noosa lifestyle really suits me.

I’ve spent the last thirty years working in finance in a lending capacity, both for a major bank and running my own business. I worked with many real estate agents, as well as being a source of referrals, and over the years I developed long standing, friendly relationships with many of my clients. I really enjoyed the relationship side of this work, and I thought it would be a natural transition to move into the real estate industry.


What does your professional journey look like so far, and how did this journey bring you to Noosa?

I initially moved to Noosa for my career; I was working for a major bank, where my role was financing clients into real estate. I started my own business, Suncoast Home Loans, where as a mortgage broker, I was mainly responsible for assisting people in borrowing money to buy a home. After thirty years in finance, I decided it was time for a change, so over the last couple of years I chose to obtain my full real estate licence and immerse myself in the industry.

The move to Noosa was an easy decision, even if it was predominantly for work. The ability to raise a family in a relatively small town appealed to my wife and me, it’s a very safe and friendly community. We live near many schools and sporting facilities, and we’re only 700 metres from the beach. Not to mention the fact that it really is one of the most beautiful places in Australia.


What are your personal interests/commitments and how are they met within the Noosa Community?

I have a strong commitment to keeping fit and there is no better place to train than the natural surrounds of Noosa. I like to run daily, either solo or with friends, as well as do the Noosa Tri Club weekly running sessions. There are so many wonderful places to run in the area; the beautiful beaches, parks, the kilometres of pathways or even up into the Hinterland. My weekends always involve exercise, whether it be a walk along the beach or a hit of tennis, and we’ll often head over to Sunshine Beach Village to dine at one of the fantastic restaurants.

I am also the Chair of the school board at Good Shepherd Lutheran College. This is a voluntary position I have held for many years, which involves monthly meetings and regular correspondence with the college executive team. My children attended the college and loved it, so I enjoy giving back to the college.


Tell us about your individual approach as an agent, and the personal qualities which help you achieve this?

Ultimately, you’re helping people navigate the processes of, what is usually, the biggest value asset they have. It’s important to understand the reasons why people are looking to buy or sell and take a measured approach to helping them do that. I like to work in a methodical way without using any high-pressure sales tactics. I am a calm and considerate person with great regard for others, and I believe this helps in creating an element of trust with my clients.

Another key strength is the ability to really listen to buyers and vendors; everyone and every house has a story. When people are selling, I want to know what it is they love about their house, which allows me to gain in depth knowledge of what will sell an individual property.

My biggest advantage is my extensive knowledge of Sunrise Beach. After living in the area for thirty years, I’ve basically run through every street and have good knowledge of the homes. Being a long time local is invaluable when talking to buyers and sellers; the little insights like knowing the shortcuts to the beach or the best places to eat is terrific information to pass onto new arrivals to help them transition into a new community.


What does your team look like at Reed & Co?

I am just beginning my journey with Reed & Co., but I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead!

Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to become an agent at Reed & Co.?

I moved to Noosa from Melbourne about nine years ago with my partner, but I’ve been holidaying here since I was born. I currently reside in Sunshine Beach, and I also did a small stint here back in the 1980’s, where I lived in Peregian Beach and then Coolum Beach for a couple of years before work took me overseas.

I’ve been working in Human Resources for over 25 years, but for many years people continued to tell me that I should get into real estate. A few years ago, my husband and I were heading off on a big trip to Europe, and just before we left, I made the decision to discontinue my HR consulting. I took some time out to consider what I’d like to do next, and I decided it was time to try my hand at real estate. I enrolled in a real estate course and obtained my full license, but Covid hit shortly after, and I thought that would quash any chance I had of getting into the industry. It was anything but the case… As we all know, the market skyrocketed and, as it turns out, my timing was perfect! I was very lucky to have a great mentor and I hit the ground running. It’s been the best decision; I feel like I’ve found my calling. I’m very excited to be joining such a prestigious brand and to be representing Sunshine Beach, where we live and my husband has a successful business, Adrian J Hairdessing.


What does your professional journey look like so far, and how did this journey bring you to Noosa?

I was predominantly educated at Melbourne Grammar School but also spent two years at Kano High School in Japan. I spent 10 years travelling extensively doing openings of hotels and resorts both here in Australia and overseas. I did some further study and then transitioned into working as a HR Manager / Director in large international corporate environments, extensively overseas. When I moved back to Noosa, I started my own small HR Consulting business, and since then I’ve been enjoying the work-life balance that the Noosa lifestyle offers.

Noosa has always felt like home even though I was raised in Melbourne, and I always knew I’d be back to live here permanently. Family had a holiday house here when I was a child; it was one of the first houses on Edgar Bennett Avenue at Picture Point in Noosa Heads. We’d come up here for family holidays every year from Melbourne, it was such an amazing spot.

I love the relaxed lifestyle and the beautiful beaches, not to mention the year-round perfect weather. I think Noosa is a very entrepreneurial community; there’s great energy, and people are very accepting. I love the fact that Noosa is big enough to offer fabulous amenities, yet small enough to have a close community spirit. There’s a very relaxed approach to life, I just love it here!


What are your personal interests/commitments and how are they met within the Noosa Community?

We love entertaining and dining out. Noosa has so many wonderful restaurants, and it’s great to see a broader diversity of food appearing along the Coast. Both my husband and I enjoy cooking, we love experimenting with new recipes when entertaining. And of course, we love the beach. There’s nothing like a late swim at Little Cove on a balmy afternoon.

There’s a very strong sense of community in Noosa, and there have been two recent times that I think the spirit of the Noosa Community has shone through. During the fires in 2019, I went into the evacuation centre to offer some help and I was handed a long list of requests for accommodation from those who had been evacuated, as well as many offers of accommodation from other people in the area. I took control of accommodation billeting, and organised a system for receiving offers, and allocating people into each accommodation. It was so beautiful to witness the generosity of people in our community. I know of several groups of people who had never met, and were accepted into a stranger’s home, only to become lifelong friends.

Also, during the pandemic in Noosa, a group of us started the initiative ‘YELLOWT’, which basically promoted the concept of connecting with five neighbours to your left, five neighbours to your right and ten neighbours across the road. We encouraged people to exchange phone numbers in case anyone in that group needed help during lock downs. We started promoting services through social media and so many businesses jumped on board, assisting people in need. Again, it was a great example of the generosity and goodwill of the Noosa community.


Tell us about your individual approach as an agent, and the personal qualities which help you achieve this?

As an agent, we’re dealing with the largest investment most people make in their lives, so it can be a very stressful time for buyers and sellers alike. Honesty and integrity are key; it’s so important to gain the trust of a client given the enormity of the decision. Listening is another important skill to have to be able to guide a vendor or buyer through the process, to the point where they are comfortable, which helps in getting people ‘over the line’.

Coming from a corporate Human Resources background, I believe my negotiation skills have been paramount to my success, but it’s also about being honest and accessible; people are more likely to trust you if you can respond quickly to their needs or enquiries, providing them with the facts they require and really listening to what’s important to them.

Having had a life-long association with Noosa, and having lived here on two separate occasions, spanning numerous decades, I feel I have both a great network and a terrific historical knowledge of the area. With Sunshine Beach being my key sales area, it’s a huge advantage that we live there and that my husband has the salon. We love Sunshine Beach and its laid-back vibe.


What does your team look like at Reed & Co?

At this stage I’ll be working solo at Reed & Co., but I am looking forward to building a team and growing within the company. I believe clear communication, direction, and collaboration are key, however providing empowerment will propel a team to succeed with the appropriate processes and parameters.