Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to become an agent at Reed & Co.?

My journey into a career in real estate in Noosa began as a child when I would visit Noosa on family vacations. It has always been my happy place, and when I introduced Noosa to my husband, we knew immediately that this was the place we would choose to raise our family. We moved to Noosa in 2018 and have been residing in Noosa Waters ever since. I was lucky enough to move to town as Reed & Co. was forming and have been part of building the brand from the beginning.


What does your professional journey look like so far, and how did this journey bring you to Noosa?

The first chapter of my professional career was based in Sydney. I did a business degree as soon as I left school, after which I spent 20 years specialising in marketing for multinational companies, including working overseas for Nestle. However, I’ve always had an interest in real estate and a desire to help people make the right decisions when it comes to buying and selling their homes, so I obtained my real estate license and began the journey into a career in real estate.

I originally set out to be a Buyer’s Agent but realised if I wanted to serve my clients better, I would need to be an expert in real estate so I decided to become a Sales Agent. I was lucky enough to work with two of the best agents in Sydney, which helped prepare me for the move to go out on my own. It was only 18 months later we moved to Noosa, and now here I am, six years as a sales agent and I wouldn’t change a thing.


What are your personal interests/commitments and how are they met within the Noosa Community?

My social activities consist mainly of going for early morning walks with my friends, and my weekends are spent relaxing around the pool with the kids. I love the weather in Noosa; we are so lucky to be able to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

One of the best parts about living in Noosa is that everyone is happy and relaxed; people are enjoying their surroundings and enjoying each other’s company. There’s a real sense of community and people make time for one another. I feel lucky to have made some great friendships with my neighbours, you’ll often find us chatting to each other in the street. The connections I have made within Noosa Waters and the knowledge I’ve gained of the area have been an imperative part of my real estate career in Noosa. I often see my clients out and about, and I catch up with them regularly.


Tell us about your individual approach as an agent, and the personal qualities which help you achieve this?

Providing quality service is very important to me. Great service underlies a great sales experience, as well as a great result. I really value honesty, and I believe that open communication is key in providing a better experience for everyone.

I like to make my buyers feel welcome, to give them time to enjoy a home and see if they can imagine their family living there. From there, it’s a matter of making it happen for the buyer and communicating what needs to be done to make the purchase. I work hard to ensure my clients feel adequately informed so they can make the necessary steps to move forward. I believe that my clients should never have to call me; it is my job to remain one step ahead and communicate openly with them throughout every stage of the process.
When it comes to marketing a property, each house has a story and it’s all about bringing that story to life. I have a very good eye for detail, and I know what works and what looks good. I know every street and every house in my key sales area in detail, which makes it easy for me to sell its key attributes, as well as find interested buyers.

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One of a kind

We have found Monique a refreshing and engaging professional real estate agent in the Noosa property market, one of a kind. She is an extremely genuine person, who throughout the sales campaign conducted herself with the utmost integrity and honesty, with excellent communication skills. We are extremely happy with the results she achieved for us in a very short amount of time and cannot recommend her highly enough.


38 Waterside Court, Noosa Waters