Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to become an agent at Reed & Co.?

For as long as I can remember, real estate has always been a prominent part of my life. It was always the topic of conversation within our household as a child, and I have had privilege of a lifelong friendship with Adrian Reed and his father, Don Reed; one of the all-time great estate agents in Noosa.

I would say my calling for a career in real estate first came back in 2015 when I was searching for my first investment property. I was disappointed in the poor service and lack of communication I received, and I realised there was a gap in the market which needed to be filled. I had spent much of my working life in sales, so within a year, I had secured myself a position within a local agency and began learning the ropes, but it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to join Reed & Co. Estate Agents in 2019 that my passion for real estate started to flourish. I was able to combine my core beliefs with the best brand in the business, and now I get to share this premium brand across many suburbs in Noosa and the Hinterland.


What does your professional journey look like so far, and how did this journey bring you to Noosa?

I have undertaken many different job roles, including horticulture, hospitality, customer service, landscaping, and construction, with the largest portion being in sales. When I look back at my working life and the different career choices in which I have embarked on, I believe it has helped formulate me into a well-rounded professional and develop a great understanding of Noosa. I had already gained a wealth of knowledge of the area, having moved here from Sydney in 1986 whilst on a trip around Australia with my family.

I’ve now spent 36 years living in different areas around Noosa, including Tewantin and Noosa Heads, before purchasing our dream home in the Noosa Hinterland where I currently live with my wife and two daughters.


What are your personal interests/commitments and how are they met within the Noosa Community?

Being an outdoors enthusiast, Noosa is the ideal location to raise my family. We are very fortunate to have amazing surf beaches and an expansive river system which is among the best in the world. The Noosa North shore, only a short ferry trip over the Noosa River, offers a fantastic getaway and connects you to Fraser Island; one of my favourite places to visit.

Noosa also offers a profound sense of community, and myself and my family are heavily involved in the sporting community. I am a member of many sporting clubs including the Noosa Surf Club, the Noosa Triathlon Club, Sunshine Coast Cycling Club, Tennis Clubs, and the GS Aquatics Swim Club, which I sponsor, and chair the committee. It is through these sporting events and activities that I can network; meeting people and creating relationships which translate into the office.


Tell us about your individual approach as an agent, and the personal qualities which help you achieve this?

I believe one of the standout skills which I possess is the ability to really listen to my clients. I like to ask the questions so I can understand the sellers and their situation, and tailor each campaign to suit the individual client needs. I know from experience that buying and selling houses can be an overwhelming time, but I feel my professional and approachable manner helps my clients feel more at ease and helps them make the right choices.


What does your team look like at Reed & Co?

I am fortunate to have a great team working behind the scenes to make Team Hodgkinson what it is today. My Co-listing agent, Cass, possesses comprehensive market knowledge of the Noosa and Hinterland area, combined with a background in law specialising in property and conveyancing. She has a lively energy, as well as a down to earth and approachable personality, which allows her to connect with a wide range of audiences, while her genuine and caring nature ensures that your best interests are her highest priority.

Our team has recently grown with the addition of our executive assistant, Maddie. Growing up in a family who built and sold houses for a living, Maddie gained firsthand experience of the connection between a buyer and an agent, and the importance of nurturing and looking after our clients. Maddie comes with a varied skillset, and we are looking forward to cultivating her career in real estate.

Team Hodgkinson possesses all the necessary skills to help guide our clients through the process of buying and selling property. Combining intrinsic knowledge of the local area with a diverse range of expertise, we offer professionalism along with a gentle approach to deliver a seamless, stress-free experience.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to become an agent at Reed & Co.?

Originally from Melbourne, I had been to Noosa several times whilst on family holidays as a child, so I already knew it was a special place. My parents came to Noosa on vacation 8 years ago and ended up purchasing a home in Noosa Waters. A few months later they requested I temporarily move to Noosa to oversee a renovation on their house whilst they were overseas, and I loved it so much I never left!

My parents purchased the property through Don Reed, Adrian’s father, so I had met Adrian a couple of times throughout the process. He was looking for someone to help him with his business and he knew I had a background in property, so he reached out and I began working alongside him almost immediately. Here we are, five years later, still working side by side at Reed & Co. Estate Agents. We’ve had a great time creating and growing the company, and we’ve never looked back.


What does your professional journey look like so far, and how did this journey bring you to Noosa?

I’d known for a long time that I wanted to get into property, so I obtained my full real estate licence as soon as I left school, before completing a Business Degree in Property and Real Estate at Deakin University in Melbourne. I started out selling commercial and industrial property in Melbourne for four years, which I absolutely loved. Selling commercial real estate is much more of a business dealand far less emotional than residential sales.

I moved to Noosa seven years ago, purely because I fell in love with the place. I never anticipated leaving Melbourne, but once I could view Noosa as my home rather than a holiday destination, the idea of living and working in paradise soon became a reality. I spent the first couple of years residing in Noosa Waters, before purchasing my home in Sunrise Beach five years ago. Like a lot of us, I feel like Noosa chose me.


What are your personal interests/commitments and how are they met within the Noosa Community?

I love the water and have grown up with boats, particularly wakeboarding. In Melbourne we had to drive for hours to get to the lakes or the Murray River, whereas in Noosa, the boat is on the jetty at the back door, which was a huge drawcard for me. I also love that Noosa is Melbourne’s favourite holiday destination; all my friends love it up here and visit regularly.

Like most people here, I live a very active life, so the Noosa lifestyle works well for me. We take the dog to the beach every morning, and I love seeing everyone taking advantage of the outdoors before work. This is a huge contrast to the Melbourne culture that I grew up with, especially in winter. I am also enjoying the ever-improving restaurant scene here; we’re often out with friends dining at the fantastic venues along the Coast.


Tell us about your individual approach as an agent, and the personal qualities which help you achieve this?

I think the most important qualities of a good agent is to be trustworthy and knowledgeable; it’s imperative to educate buyers and sellers on the market as much as possible to ensure our clients feel comfortable that they’re making right decisions.

Predominantly selling waterfront homes, we really are advocating a lifestyle as much as a property, which is especially important when selling to people who are considering a move from interstate. I made the move from Victoria myself, which really helps to build a rapport with potential buyers and enables me to guide them towards the perfect home while helping them transition into the community. I’m a very positive person and I genuinely love where I live, so I think people pick up on that and it helps with their decision to make such a big move.

Having lived in Noosa for seven years, I also have extensive knowledge of the local area. I know a lot about the river and spend a lot of time on it, and I’ve probably been to every restaurant, café, or bar on the Sunshine Coast. The fact that I’ve lived in Noosa Waters is a huge advantage; I can tell you about aspect, frontage, lock timing, even as far as how many litres of water flow through the canals every day, plus a thorough knowledge of every home that has sold within the Estate.

Focusing specifically on Noosa’s waterfront homes allows us to become the absolute experts in the area and the exclusive option when someone is looking to sell on the waterfront. The Reed & Co. branding is very unique and is designed to appeal to the prestige market we work within, delivering an informative yet elegant marketing campaign, while obtaining as much reach as possible.


What does your team look like at Reed & Co?

Adrian and I work together to form Team Reed. I’ve worked side by side with Adrian for over five years, so we know each other very well and work seamlessly together. Each of us plays a specific role that works well with our different personalities, helping create strong cohesion as well as a fun team environment.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to become an agent at Reed & Co.?

My journey into a career in real estate in Noosa began as a child when I would visit Noosa on family vacations. It has always been my happy place, and when I introduced Noosa to my husband, we knew immediately that this was the place we would choose to raise our family. We moved to Noosa in 2018 and have been residing in Noosa Waters ever since. I was lucky enough to move to town as Reed & Co. was forming and have been part of building the brand from the beginning.


What does your professional journey look like so far, and how did this journey bring you to Noosa?

The first chapter of my professional career was based in Sydney. I did a business degree as soon as I left school, after which I spent 20 years specialising in marketing for multinational companies, including working overseas for Nestle. However, I’ve always had an interest in real estate and a desire to help people make the right decisions when it comes to buying and selling their homes, so I obtained my real estate license and began the journey into a career in real estate.

I originally set out to be a Buyer’s Agent but realised if I wanted to serve my clients better, I would need to be an expert in real estate so I decided to become a Sales Agent. I was lucky enough to work with two of the best agents in Sydney, which helped prepare me for the move to go out on my own. It was only 18 months later we moved to Noosa, and now here I am, six years as a sales agent and I wouldn’t change a thing.


What are your personal interests/commitments and how are they met within the Noosa Community?

My social activities consist mainly of going for early morning walks with my friends, and my weekends are spent relaxing around the pool with the kids. I love the weather in Noosa; we are so lucky to be able to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

One of the best parts about living in Noosa is that everyone is happy and relaxed; people are enjoying their surroundings and enjoying each other’s company. There’s a real sense of community and people make time for one another. I feel lucky to have made some great friendships with my neighbours, you’ll often find us chatting to each other in the street. The connections I have made within Noosa Waters and the knowledge I’ve gained of the area have been an imperative part of my real estate career in Noosa. I often see my clients out and about, and I catch up with them regularly.


Tell us about your individual approach as an agent, and the personal qualities which help you achieve this?

Providing quality service is very important to me. Great service underlies a great sales experience, as well as a great result. I really value honesty, and I believe that open communication is key in providing a better experience for everyone.

I like to make my buyers feel welcome, to give them time to enjoy a home and see if they can imagine their family living there. From there, it’s a matter of making it happen for the buyer and communicating what needs to be done to make the purchase. I work hard to ensure my clients feel adequately informed so they can make the necessary steps to move forward. I believe that my clients should never have to call me; it is my job to remain one step ahead and communicate openly with them throughout every stage of the process.

When it comes to marketing a property, each house has a story and it’s all about bringing that story to life. I have a very good eye for detail, and I know what works and what looks good. I know every street and every house in my key sales area in detail, which makes it easy for me to sell its key attributes, as well as find interested buyers.


What does your team look like at Reed & Co?

I have the dynamic Roxy Blin working with me as the Sales & Marketing Assistant. Having previously worked with a leading agency in Brisbane, Roxy comes with extensive real estate experience and is keen to learn the market in Noosa. Whilst I spend my days liaising with clients, Roxy is looking after the back end. She is an essential part of the marketing process, from the preparation stages through to the final steps of getting a house ready for launch. Roxy is also studying a marketing degree, so I really value her input and enjoy working together to devise how is best to take each property to market.

Over the past decade, Kate has emerged as one of Noosa’s most sought-after real estate professionals with an ensemble of noteworthy awards, both locally and nationally.

A long-standing sales agent and Noosa local; Kate brings knowledge, integrity and a dynamic approach to selling prestige property in Noosa Heads and beyond. A natural salesperson, Kate has achieved $73.5m in sales over the past 2 years since joining the team at Reed & Co. Estate Agents in Noosaville. Raised in Victoria, Kate attended Geelong Grammar School. With a background in the media and event management, her marketing and negotiation skills are second to none. Equipped with a full real estate license, Kate is experienced, savvy and smart. It is no surprise that buyers and vendors warm to her vibrant personality and elegant approach instantly. Kate embraces the emotional journey that people experience when buying and selling property and takes pride in guiding vendors in styling, marketing and price potential. Having lived in Noosa with her sommelier, real estate husband, Tony Cox, since 2005, the pair have completely immersed themselves in the sought-after lifestyle and community that we enjoy here in Noosa. Thoroughly involved in the Noosa Arts Alive, InNoosa Magazine and many other community groups; you will cross paths with Kate and Tony at an array of local events year-round. Kate also values supporting local charities.

Working alongside Kate is her husband, Tony Cox and Erin McCartin. Together, this formidable trio positively stands out from the crowd with an abundance of knowledge, trustworthy service and combined passion for the Noosa lifestyle and prestige property market. Working together to educate buyers and keep vendors informed on developments in the local market; it comes as no surprise that Team Cox consistently achieve record results. This unique collaboration of, arguably, Noosa’s finest real estate professionals have over 20 years of experience helping people buy and sell dream homes. Over the years, The Kate Cox Team have accumulated a substantial client database of investors, absentee owners and repeat clients; locally and internationally. With a primary focus on creating a positive experience, providing exceptional service and achieving premium prices; Kate Cox Team take great pleasure in assisting buyers and vendors with all real estate needs and desires. Staying up to date with national training programs and marketing trends; the team bring a modern and innovative approach to buying and selling in today’s market.

If you are seeking an open and honest real estate experience with a team of vibrant real estate professionals, contact Kate Cox Team mobile: 0438 695 505 email:

Adrian Reed markets and negotiates the sale of real estate with an astute professionalism and vibrant energy that few possess and many seek to emulate in the fast-paced world of property transactions. His affable manner and great ability to connect with people, places Adrian at the top of his chosen profession – and justifiably so.

For Adrian, real estate runs in the blood.  Son of local agent, Don, he has taken to selling premium waterfront property like a sailor to water, selling in excess of thirty million dollars in his first year in the business. “We have a huge advantage when it comes to selling prestige and waterfront property.  Our family has been drawing a livelihood from the Noosa River for three generations, as the grandson of a local fisherman and son of a one of the most successful and trusted agents in Noosa, it is easy to see why I am truly passionate about selling not only property but the lifestyle that Noosa has to offer”.

Adrian is young, passionate and driven to succeed. His capacity to embrace risk and believe in himself and his craft is what sets him apart.  A perfectionist who insists his client’s real-estate experience is world-class, Adrian’s adaptability, creativity and compassion has his clients coming back time and again to build on the relationship they enjoy with him.

He brings an impressive mix of skills to the table, a Degree in Marketing & International Business and 15 years of blue-chip corporate experience managing the investment and strategy for billion dollar customers. A large portion of his career so far has been dedicated to partnering, negotiation, and selling to major international retailers.

Adrian understands the enormous influence of social media in today’s business environment and uses this to cut his own unique path through the crowded world of real estate marketing. He stands out from others and uses strategies, systems and processes to speak to and resonate with his “tribe”.

His team delivers efficient service, astonishing marketing and results that delight and wow his clients.

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