Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to become an agent at Reed & Co.?

My husband, Tony, and I have been living in Noosa for eighteen fabulous years! I had been working in Radio in Coffs Harbour before we relocated to the Sunshine Coast after a job offer with HOT 91. We decided to settle in Noosa, and I secured a position within a well-known agency on Hastings Street, which happened to be the number one agency in the area at the time.
The principal of the agency was one of the top female agents in Queensland, if not Australia, and I was fortunate enough to have her as my mentor, which I still value to this day.

I followed her lead, and she worked me hard every step of the way, but it has made me who I am today, and I am very grateful for that. After a few years I became the number one agent for the agency, and in the top 10 nationally.
As I grew so did my team, with Erin McCartin joining me in the beginning of 2016 and then Tony in 2018. Our team was growing, and business began to flourish, giving us an incredible opportunity to deliver better quality service and dedicate more time to our clients.

In 2019 we joined Reed and Co. as a team, and we haven’t looked back. We’ve sold over $100,000,000 worth of property in the past couple of years, whilst meeting the most incredible people on the way.


What does your professional journey look like so far, and how did this journey bring you to Noosa?

My initial career was in hospitality where I received hands-on training in customer service. From there, I studied Sales and received a Diploma in Radio before moving into advertising sales and marketing, where I spent 10 years working in advertising for Radio.

It was my career in Radio which initially brought me to the Sunshine Coast, however after settling in Noosa, I obtained my full Real Estate license and now have over 13 years’ experience working with some of the best agencies in the area.


What are your personal interests/commitments and how are they met within the Noosa Community?

I want to live a long and healthy life with lots of fun and laughter, and a bit of wine! Noosa is the perfect place for this. I think that living in a place like Noosa is good for your health; the fresh air, the sunshine, the relaxed environment; it’s just such a beautiful place. Although we work six days a week, we have a wonderful work-life balance. Noosa has so much to offer in the way of nature, with the beaches, the river, and the National Park so easily accessible before and after work.

Tony and I love food and wine. Tony is a sommelier, so wine has been a big part of our lives, and we love to pair it with the beautiful, fresh produce that Noosa and surrounds has to offer. We love to cook and share our knowledge of food and wine with people from Noosa and visitors alike.

We are a sponsor of the Noosa Italian Food and Wine Festival which helps bring tourists to our beautiful town, as well as get the locals out and about to enjoy the talents of our Italian community.

I am also on the committee for the “Friends of Noosa Art Gallery” which raises funds for art prizes and free art activities for children.


Tell us about your individual approach as an agent, and the personal qualities which help you achieve this?

My approach has always been about getting to know the client and their needs by asking lots of questions; you can never ask too many questions! Once I understand the person and their reasons for buying or selling, I can use my skills and years of experience to make it work for them.

I am a confident and outgoing, yet approachable person, and I am very good at reading people. I use these skills to work with my clients, negotiating for both the seller and the buyer. If I feel that I have found the right buyer, I’ll work with them for as long as necessary to achieve their goal, as well as ensuring that the seller achieves the right result for them to feel happy to move on. I’ve been negotiating in sales for over 24 years, so I’d like to think I know what I’m doing, but I’m still learning every day from the different people I meet along the way.
When it comes to marketing a property, honesty is key. I like to have everything prepared before the property hits the market; all necessary reports should be done; all certificates must be up to date; it’s important to have all the information about the property on hand and ready for potential buyers. This way, we are presenting the property at its best; we want to omit any doubt in the buyer’s mind about the property, which will in turn achieve the best result. Many sellers want to sell off market, but they may miss out on that one buyer who could be willing to pay that little bit more.

Also, having lived in Noosa for 18 years, I have gained extensive knowledge of the local area and the different pockets within. I immerse myself in the Noosa lifestyle and I appreciate the beauty the area has to offer, so I believe my love and knowledge of the area helps to guide buyers towards choosing the right property for them.


What does your team look like at Reed & Co?

I’m fortunate to have had Erin McCartin by my side for the last seven years. She understands how I work and fills in the gaps in the areas where I don’t excel.

The other member of our team is my husband, Tony Cox. He has exceptional people skills and an analytic mind, which is great for the data and financial side of the business, whether it be assisting clients with return on investment, or analysing trends and growth. He has been working with our team for five years now, so we are a very well-oiled machine with a lot of ‘on the ground’ experience in Noosa Real Estate.

We approach every listing as a team, from organising the styling and photographs, to writing the scripts and getting it to market. We each have a role in the process and work cohesively to ensure we achieve the best result for everyone involved.

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Open & Honest Approach

Kate’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of the Noosa market is extortionary. Noosa is a tightknit, well-connected community which Kate and her team live and breathe. Kate’s ethical, open and honest approach is testament to the results Kate achieves. An outstanding, stress-free experience selling my home. Kate’s network of buyers on the Sunshine Coast, and interstate, is phenomenal and played a key role in securing a buyer for our property. Thank you again Kate. Outstanding!


26 Warana Street, Noosa Heads