Preparing YourHome For An Open For Inspection


Potential buyers are looking for love at first sight. They are seeking that immediate attraction, something that makes their heart beat faster, complimented by good looks and a little charm. Here are ten tips on getting buyers to fall for your place.

Looking Your Best

Street appeal is so important and first impressions matter. Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see when inspecting so tidy the yard, put out fresh mulch in the garden and add a new latch to the fence so that it opens easily. Give the fence a fresh coat of paint, wash the house and acid wash your pavers or concrete paths.

Meet You At The Front Door

Your agent will greet your potential buyer at the front door. They may take their shoes off and will definitely have time to look around at this point. The front door needs to be clean with a homely touch, such as twin pot plants or as simple as a nice doormat.

Spring Clean

This can be difficult but display your property like a house and not your home. De-cluttering will make the whole house feel larger and take away distractions from the buyer so that they can focus on the house, keep things simple. Remove family photos, take all appliances off the kitchen bench tops and all those sticky notes off the fridge. You should present a blank canvas for the buyer to picture their own lives in.


Let There Be Light

If the temperature is right, open up your windows, French doors and curtains, creating light and breezes. This allows potential buyers to feel comfortable as soon as they walk through the door. Put the lights on, even in the daytime, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, lamps are also effective. A well-lit home is more attractive to buyers.

Expecting Someone

Present the house as if you are about to have friends over. Put a jug of water and nice glasses out. If you have a deck or courtyard, focus your efforts there rather than the formal dining area that is not regularly used.  

In Bloom

Use fresh flowers, they can really lift a room and give it a touch of class. Choose flowers that are in season, single colours, or at most two and use colours that complement the colour scheme of the room.

Bedroom Etiquette

Make sure your bedspread is crisply ironed and the bed is perfectly made. Purchase a new doona cover if the ones you have are old but keep it neutral. A blanket neatly folded at the bottom of the bed is very effective. Ultimately, you want it to look like a hotel so add extra pillows and make your bed the feature.

Styling The Bathroom

Soaps, hand towels, towels, and bath oils should be displayed in the bathrooms again to look like guests are coming over. Buy a beautiful set of towels and new quality soaps that you just use for inspections.

Creating The Mood

Music works extremely well as buyers can freely look and talk about the house without feeling like someone is watching over them.  We want the experience to be as comfortable as possible for the buyers. We also want buyers to linger longer as the more time they spend in your home the more chance of them loving it!

Your Best Hour

Finally, know the best hours of the day to present your house. If your house faces West, it is better to do an open house in the morning. This is important if you do not have an air-conditioner. If your house has a lot of shade, hold open houses in the warmer hours. Work out when the entertaining areas are sunlit but not too hot.