When exploring the Coastal Luxe style, it’s vital to understand its characteristics and elements. Coastal architecture blends seamlessly with transitional and traditional interior designs, creating homes with a beach vibe.

Embrace light, airy interiors with whitewashed walls and natural textures. Incorporate seashell decor for an authentic coastal chic feel. Seek inspiration from Myrtle Beach interior designers for luxurious living and dining spaces. Dive into the world of Coastal Luxe with confidence and style.

Coastal Luxe Style Guide

When it comes to coastal luxury homes and coastal construction, Connecticut is a prime destination. Coastal construction groups offer expertise in creating coastal luxe interiors and living spaces.

Incorporating a coastal luxe style involves a blue-and-white color scheme, relaxed elegance, and outdoor living spaces. Think patio furniture, wicker accents, and glass furniture, complemented by beach glass decor and seascape art. Coastal bedding adds the final touch to these serene retreats.

Coastal Luxe: Your Ultimate Style Guide for Elegant Beach Living

The Basics

Elegant, inviting, and relaxing, coastal interiors on the Sunshine Coast are timeless, but now, Australian homes are evolving to a modern style of coastal luxe. Traditionally, coastal-style homes feature a range of iconic design elements such as white timber paneling, polished hardwood floors, high coffered ceilings, and soft, neutral color palettes in shades of soft whites, muted greys, and inky blues.

Coastal luxe-styled homes cleverly blend a mix of coastal, tropical, white, timber, and patterned elements with modern materials to give our homes a relaxed yet luxurious look and feel whilst maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere.

Together, these contrasting materials strike the perfect balance between sophisticated elegance and coastal luxe to achieve the timeless look that coastal-style homes have become known for in Australia. Synonymous with relaxed living and beach culture, coastal homes tie in exceedingly well with the Australian way of life and are generally quite accommodating of an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Coastal-style properties continue to be in high demand across the country.

Coastal luxe is the perfect balance of white, timber, and modern finishes.


The home decorating style that is coastal luxe has become increasingly favored on the Sunshine Coast, and the trend doesn’t appear to be fading in popularity any time soon.

Coastal Luxe: Your Ultimate Style Guide for Elegant Beach Living

Creating a coastal-inspired home doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact, with some simple styling tips & tricks and some easy and affordable upgrades, you too could transform your home into an idyllic escape — reminiscent of a luxury seaside home.

Here in Noosa, the coastal luxe look has become a mainstay of interior design and property styling, with many properties undertaking head-to-toe refurbishments in favor of achieving the look. As one of the most desirable seaside locations in the world and a suburb made famous for being one of Australia’s most picturesque holiday destinations, it’s little wonder that Noosa residents are so taken with the trend or why homeowners are so intent on creating a coastal luxe retreat of their own.

Designed & styled by Simone Barter Design Studio

Photographed by Rikki Lancaster