Sunshine Beach Guide

Sunshine Beach, located on the stunning Sunshine Coast in Australia, offers a plethora of attractions for visitors. Whether you’re seeking thrilling waves at Sunshine Beach Surf Club or quality education at Sunshine Beach State High School, this coastal gem has it all.

From beachfront resorts to cozy accommodations and delectable dining options, Sunshine Beach caters to every need. Don’t miss out on surfing lessons, beachside dining, or exploring Sunshine Beach National Park. With its white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, Sunshine Beach promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Sunshine Beach

Sunshine Beach is located approximately 4kms south of Noosa Headlands. It has a relaxed coastal feel whilst accommodating some of the finest homes in the Noosa Shire.

Backing directly onto the National Park, Sunshine Beach has sensational views along the bush walking tracks that lead over to Noosa Heads.

Sunshine Beach Guide

A local village of shops and cafes ensures this tight night community is well-serviced and spoilt for choice.

Dining Spots:

Sunshine Beach Surf Club – Enjoy the amazing ocean views.

Sum yung guys-– possibly the best modern Asian cuisine on the coast.

Popular Activities in Sunshine Beach 

You will find the locals out surfing at the extensive Sunshine Beach or walking or running through the national park to Noosa Heads.

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Hinterland Travel Guide

The hinterland, often referred to as the remote area or backcountry, encompasses the interior regions of Australia, including the unexplored and uncharted territories. It’s characterized by its pristine wilderness, untouched landscapes, and rural ambiance.

From Queensland to Brisbane, the Australian hinterland offers a diverse range of settings and locales for those seeking a glimpse of the country’s natural beauty. Whether it’s for real estate investment or simply exploring, the hinterland promises an authentic Australian experience.

Noosa Hinterland

Noosa has some of the most picturesque hinterlands in the country all just a stone’s throw from world-class beaches, and outstanding shopping and dining precincts of Noosa Heads, Noosaville & Sunshine Beach. The Hinterland has traditionally been slower to lift and follow the upward trends of its beachside neighbors and is only just now reaching similar levels to the previous property price peak of 2008.

Hinterland Travel Guide

There are so many options in the hinterland with Doonan and Tinbeerwah being the most sought-after locations due to proximity but keep an eye on Lake MacDonald and Coorabahas these areas grow rapidly in the prestigious property market.

Dining Spots

Spirit House Restaurant -Contemporary Thai dining with dishes to share, served in tranquil tropical gardens.

Flame Hill Vineyard -award-winning Restaurant with farm products, kitchen garden, and on-site luxury accommodation.

Popular Activities in Noosa Hinterland

Enjoy a quiet hinterland escape by booking a night in a historical hotel, cozy Bed & Breakfast, country cottage, health retreat, or even pitch a tent in a lakeside camping ground. You can drift through the Noosa Everglades, have a lakefront picnic at Noosa Botanic Gardens, Walk, cycle, or ride a horse on the Noosa trails, or Visit a brewery. Noosa Hinterland has plenty on offer, you will not be disappointed.

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Noosa Hinterland, 4562

Explore Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads, nestled on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. From exploring Noosa National Park to surfing at Hastings Street, there’s something for everyone.

Enjoy snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters, whale-watching tours, or indulging in local cuisine at restaurants and bars. With a range of accommodation options, Noosa Heads ensures a memorable stay for family holidays or solo adventures in Australia.

Noosa Heads

The heart and soul of Noosa’s worldwide popularity, pristine beaches, National parks, surf beaches, stunning dining, and shopping. From a property perspective, Noosa Heads has some of Noosa’s absolute jewels and rivals some of the most expensive and tightly held property in the country.

Explore Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads is largely made up of Noosa Sound, Litle Cove, and Noosa Hill and all have unique micro-market trends.  Overall we have seen Noosa Heads break through the $1m Median house price in April 2018 which is around 20% above the previous peak market performance from 2007-08.  Days on the market are the shortest of all of Noosa’s suburbs at less than an average of 50 days on the market and falling and vendor discounting is also decreasing to less than 5% a trend that has been consistent over the last 3 years.

Noosa Junction is a precinct to watch, there will be some significant redevelopment and commercial stimulus in the area, and we have seen house prices follow that type of improvement in the past, Noosaville is a great example of that.

Lifestyle and budget will quickly iron our micro markets that will suit you but one thing is for sure, Noosa Heads has some of the more desirable properties in South East Queensland and is primed for future growth so be confident when purchasing and act quickly to meet the market.

Dining Spots

Noosa Surf Club – Watch the sun go down and enjoy a cocktail

Bistro C- Famous for its foods & cocktails,

Beach Hut- world-famous chef Peter Kuruvita cooking delights for the people of Noosa.

Popular Activities in Noosa Heads 

Fishing, water sports, hiking, as well as surfing at the Noosa Heads beach, are just some of the relaxing ways to spend your days.

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Noosa Waters Real Estate: Find Your Dream Waterfront Home

Noosa Waters is a picturesque estate known for its beautiful waterfront properties and tranquil atmosphere. Situated near Noosa National Park and Noosa River, this area offers prime real estate with easy access to Noosa Marina, Noosa Beaches, and Sunshine Coast attractions.

Ideal for retirement, Noosa Waters boasts stunning house prices, detailed maps, and various accommodation options. The surrounding areas, like Tewantin National Park and Laguna Bay, enhance its appeal for ecotourism and outdoor activities such as kayaking and fishing.

Noosa Waters

Noosa Waters is an exclusive canal estate next to the Noosa River precinct that features some of the most prestigious waterfront homes in Noosa. Many homes in the estate have won design awards and feature stunning designs by the likes of Chris Clout, Frank Macchia, Stephen Kidd, and Paul Clout.

Noosa Waters Real Estate

There are only 440 homes on the waterfront and a small selection of townhouses making Noosa Waters a very exclusive estate, affording the lucky few an extraordinary lifestyle. The canals are protected from public boating traffic and are non-tidal due to the lock & weir. The lock joins Noosa Waters directly to the Noosa River. This is the perfect arrangement for ease of access to waterways and the ocean whilst maintaining security and privacy for owners in Noosa Waters.

Dining Spots

Noosa Waterfront -Elegant glass-walled restaurant with a laid-back vibe, for upscale Italian cuisine and river views.

250 Grammi food & wine bar -good authentic Italian food

Popular Activities in Noosa Waters:

Fishing, boating, stand-up paddle boarding, and relaxing your time away by the river’s edge.

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Noosaville Restaurants: Top Dining Spots in Australia's Culinary Haven

In Noosaville, restaurants along the river and Gympie Terrace offer diverse culinary experiences. From Italian to Asian cuisines, options abound. For the best dining, explore TripAdvisor reviews. Noosa Heads also boasts fine dining and family-friendly options.

For those seeking healthy or takeout food, many eateries cater to such preferences. Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Noosaville restaurants promise a delightful culinary journey for all tastes and preferences.


Often referred to by locals as the “Village”, Noosaville and the river precinct have long been a playground for friends and families. The open parkland that traverses the banks of the Noosa River is equal parts beautiful and peaceful. The perfect place for picturesque walks, family gatherings, and dining ranging from casual to some of the finest on offer; not to mention being the hub for the Noosa River’s aquatic playground.

Noosaville Restaurants: Top Dining Spots in Australia's Culinary Haven

The region is in the middle of an infrastructure boom, with billions in investment across sectors including transport, tourism, and medical. Access to international travel and upgrades to digital infrastructure is enabling younger wealthy industry leaders and expats to buy in Noosa with confidence.

Dining Spots

NoosaWaterfront -Elegant glass-walled restaurant with a laid-back vibe, for upscale Italian cuisine and river views.

When exploring Noosaville restaurants, you’ll find diverse options like Noosa Boathouse, Bistro C, and Bang Bang Noosa. Along Gympie Terrace, enjoy riverside dining at kid-friendly spots and Italian eateries.

For a unique experience, try restaurants on the water. If you’re into Asian cuisine, there are several choices. Don’t miss out on Noosa’s broader dining scene, featuring hidden gems and beachside delights. Noosa’s food and wine festival also showcases the region’s culinary diversity.

250 Grammi food & wine bar -good authentic Italian food

Popular Activities in Noosaville

Fishing, boating, stand-up paddle boarding, and relaxing your time away by the river’s edge.

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