Noosa Waters is a picturesque estate known for its beautiful waterfront properties and tranquil atmosphere. Situated near Noosa National Park and Noosa River, this area offers prime real estate with easy access to Noosa Marina, Noosa Beaches, and Sunshine Coast attractions.

Ideal for retirement, Noosa Waters boasts stunning house prices, detailed maps, and various accommodation options. The surrounding areas, like Tewantin National Park and Laguna Bay, enhance its appeal for ecotourism and outdoor activities such as kayaking and fishing.

Noosa Waters

Noosa Waters is an exclusive canal estate next to the Noosa River precinct that features some of the most prestigious waterfront homes in Noosa. Many homes in the estate have won design awards and feature stunning designs by the likes of Chris Clout, Frank Macchia, Stephen Kidd, and Paul Clout.

Noosa Waters Real Estate

There are only 440 homes on the waterfront and a small selection of townhouses making Noosa Waters a very exclusive estate, affording the lucky few an extraordinary lifestyle. The canals are protected from public boating traffic and are non-tidal due to the lock & weir. The lock joins Noosa Waters directly to the Noosa River. This is the perfect arrangement for ease of access to waterways and the ocean whilst maintaining security and privacy for owners in Noosa Waters.

Dining Spots

Noosa Waterfront -Elegant glass-walled restaurant with a laid-back vibe, for upscale Italian cuisine and river views.

250 Grammi food & wine bar -good authentic Italian food

Popular Activities in Noosa Waters:

Fishing, boating, stand-up paddle boarding, and relaxing your time away by the river’s edge.

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