Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to become an agent at Reed & Co.?

Growing up as a Noosa local, I love calling it home and cannot see myself living anywhere else. Seeing sold signboards around town always excited me and I have always loved the idea that one person can help two groups of people achieve their goal: selling and purchasing property. This desire to help people ignited my passion for property, and naturally I began observing real estate agencies within the local marketplace.

Reed & Co. always stood out to me, I love their approach to marketing and the disruption they cause in the market, there is a clear point of difference over their competitors. They are such a rapidly growing real estate agency, achieving amazing sales results. When the opportunity came to work with Adrian & Darren as a part of Team Reed, I knew it would be a perfect fit.


What does your professional journey look like so far, and how did this journey bring you to Noosa?

After completing my Bachelor of Business with a double major in Marketing and Human Resources, I gained extensive experience building strategies and executing marketing campaigns working for national and global brands. I transitioned into real estate to help people and it also provided me with the opportunity to work with my husband Jayden, who is part of the well-known Clout family of designers and builders from Paul Clout Design. We were able to collaborate and work together as our working worlds complement each other.
Jayden and I have been privileged to have built and sold property throughout the Noosa region, which has given me invaluable first-hand experience selling and purchasing property through a variety of different methods, allowing me to resonate with my clients and suggest a strategic method of sale for our vendors.


What are your personal interests/commitments and how are they met within the Noosa Community?

I have a wonderful friendship group that I love to socialize with, whether it be outside enjoying a walk in the National Park, a day basking in sun at the beach or indulging in delicious food at some of our favourite restaurants.
I also love spending time cruising the Noosa River on our boat and maintaining an active lifestyle training at the gym, walking my dog and participating in team sports. I’m so lucky to enjoy many activities which provides the opportunity to connect with members and businesses of the Noosa community, making genuine and strong relationships.


Tell us about your individual approach as an agent, and the personal qualities which help you achieve this?

I am passionate about building strong relationships with clients and buyers by being authentic and earning their trust through educating them about the market and current trends. I also strive to provide an outstanding level of service and support with an exceptional level of communication and fine attention to detail.

When engaging with people I like to bring a vibrant friendly energy with a level of professionalism. This allows me to develop a connection which leads to clients and buyers alike opening up about their needs. This helps me to deliver them an experience tailored to their needs to achieve the best possible result.
I am committed to finding the best buyer for each property and this starts from the beginning of the property campaign. Marketing the property to gain the best exposure, helping buyers overcome any obstacles that may arise, equipping myself with as much information about the property so I can answer questions promptly and using strong negotiations skills to reach a desired outcome.


What does your team look like at Reed & Co.?

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Outstanding Campaign & Communication

Taylor was impressive from the start, her communication with us was outstanding throughout the entire campaign and her knowledge of the area was detailed and through. Along with the team of Adrian and Darren, we ran a 3 week campaign and sold under the hammer achieving success with a short but effective campaign, exceeding our expectations. I wasn’t a fan of auctions, but Taylor and the team have changed my mind. Leave the experts to do what they know best and watch the results come in. I would highly recommend Taylor, her energy and positivity shines through.


2/7 Elizabeth Street, Noosaville