Monique Sommer Q&A

What did you do before you were in real estate:

I spent 20 years working in consumer marketing, working on many of Australias favourite brands. Many products I see in my clients cupboards I worked on or help create.

Did the years in FMCG help you with real estate

They taught me about people, how to best communicate with them and how they make important decisions in life.

How did you get into real estate

From the moment I bought my first apartment I was hooked, I helped friends and family buy and sell their homes. Then it was a natural progression to real estate where my genuine passion to help people. life experience , and market knowledge help deliver success for my clients consistently.  

What is your most memorable sale

An older style home that had been home to a family for over 50 years, there was so  many memories in that home. We sold it to Channel 7 who used it in the 2018 season of My house Rules. We helped the owner transition into her next stage, getting her a great result in 2 weeks with minimal interruption in her life.

Whats your guilty pleasure

Watching Suits on Netflix!

Whats the hardest thing you have ever done

Live in another country and not speak the language. ( Taiwan) – lucky the food was always easy to order…

Whats your defining characteristic

Honesty- my old team used to call me the straight shooter.