Market Overview.

Market Summary

There is a common voice amongst property experts, all hailing the Sunshine Coast and specifically Noosa as one of the hottest places in the nation to invest in property right now. Not too surprising when you break down some of the fundamentals.Noosa is in effect land-locked by national parks and state forests, this means that significant tracts of land for potential development have been largely exhausted, combine that with the upward pressure on population means supply is failing to keep up with demand in the region. This has created the perfect conditions for investors looking for capital appreciation.Reed says that shrewd property investors that have been observing the key drivers and are aligning by investing into A-grade property will be well placed to capitalise on the growth.


The region is in the middle of an infrastructure boom, with billions in investment across sectors including transport, tourism and medical. Adrian Reed, of Reed & Co. Estate Agents said “The stimulus for growth on the back of these projects is re-shaping the traditional buyer profiles. Access to international travel and upgrades to digital infrastructure is enabling younger wealthy industry leaders and expats to buy in Noosa with confidence.
This has already had a positive knock on effect to the luxury property market in Noosa. When you couple this with traditional upward pressure from baby boomers capitalised from southern markets making a lifestyle transition, it’s creating great selling conditions for Spring.