Darren Neal Q&A

What did you do before you were in real estate:

Real Estate! I spent around four years selling commercial and industrial property in Melbourne before moving to Noosa. After getting a taste for it I decided I wanted to know more so began a degree in property, working in hospitality to support myself through my studies.

Did the years in hospitality & commercial property help you with real estate in Noosa?

Hospitality certainly helps you learn how to connect with a lot people very quickly, a skill that is very important in real estate as we’re consistently meeting people. Obviously my time in commercial property was a fantastic foundation, while the transactions are more based around numbers and business decisions, negotiations and client relationships are similar across both industries.

How did you get into real estate?

I’ve always been interested in property, I use to go to open homes as a teenager just to see the architecture of different houses. Unlike a lot of people I knew straight from school that it was the industry I wanted to get into so studied to get my estate agents license as soon as I finished. Not having any experience in the field I started calling companies I thought I’d like to work in, fortunately I nailed the phone conversation & was offered a job at the third company I called.

What is your most memorable sale

It has to be while working with Adrian, we sold a stunning private residence with almost 500 meters of private beach frontage. That type of home is so unique not many people would ever get to set foot in such a magnificent place. We got to go surfing for the promotional video which was a bonus.

Whats your guilty pleasure

Fine wine, a bottle of Dom is suitable at any time.

Whats the hardest thing you have ever done

Probably deciding to move to Noosa and leave all my friends and the Melbourne lifestyle behind, fortunately, it’s also turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done.

Whats your defining characteristic

Positivity. I believe a positive mindset is infectious. I’m always pretty happy and looking for the next adventure.