Adrian Reed Q&A

What did you do before you were in real estate:

My very first job was at O-Boats, my father worked there when he was a boy so did my brother, they were long hard days a great place to learn the value of a dollar is a kid, I hope my boys get an opportunity to do the same thing. The roles that really shaped me were my 15 years in multinational fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, 10 years with Kellogg’s and 5 years with Carlton & United Breweries. Both superb companies I feel very lucky to have had the opportunities that they provided me I had many roles over the years but my focus was largely Sales and Marketing.   

Did the years in FMCG help you with real estate

Absolutely yes, a fair portion of my time in FMCG was managing major retailers so building long term relationships as well as honing my negotiation skills in an extremely pressurised trading environment.  Every conversation was part of a bigger negotiation with the majors so it’s a great training ground for Real Estate where your success is a measure of your ability develop a relationship and to close a deal.   

How did you get into real estate

My father is one of the great agents in Noosa, I have people pull me aside all of the time and tell me of a home that they had bought or sold through him and relish in telling me how fantastic it was, so I guess for me it was in the blood.  Even after years away from Noosa I always knew I would be back and selling property like my father did, the challenge was always going to be living up to the reputation that preceded me, it’s a great thing to have to strive for.

What is your most memorable sale

312 Teewah Beach Rd Noosa North Shore, one of Noosa’s marquee properties, 80 acres, 500m of beachfront and a substantial home. The campaign was one of the most exciting that I have lead, amazing collateral, exception PR support, meticulous planning and we managed to come away with a record sale over $10m. It’s amazing what can be achieved when someone gives you an opportunity and you take it with both hands and run with it.

What’s your guilty pleasure

Chocolate, I’ve always had a sweet tooth.

What’s the hardest thing you have ever done

There been a few sticky situations but the 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht was a real challenge, it was my first of 10 of the races that I have competed in and the toughest by far. Huge very unpredictable seas and near cyclonic conditions, needless to say we were all happy to make landfall.    

What’s your defining characteristic

Hunger to learn, innovate and create. I love cracking the code on an idea and then building a great team around me that can nail the execution.