Business Insights

It is Reed & Co’s ongoing commitment to offer superior performance and ambition to set new standards in customer experiences.

Reed & Co will be presenting a series of strategy events, held at the Reed & Co office from some of Noosa’s well respected high-performance achievers to an exclusive tailored invite list.

Amanda Stevens

First is Amanda Stevens, a renowned thought leader in the customer experience. She combines current consumer insights with fascinating research into buying behaviour, delivering organisation and business owners powerful strategies for connecting with their customers.

Consumer trends and customer experience expert Amanda Stevens demystifies why consumers buy, handing businesses the keys to building customer and brand advocacy.

Considered one of the most dynamic and creative thought leaders in Australia, Amanda gives organisations a peek into the future of buying behaviour and provides strategies for anticipating the needs of tomorrowís consumer and future proofing any business.


Reed & Co Estate agents present Amanda Stevens,
Thursday 31st January at 5:30 pm

Shop 3, 3 Gibson Road
Noosaville, 4566


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